When people think of areas of the country that are known for cutting edge innovations, breaking up a system that doesn’t work, and revolutionizing healthcare, Montana might not be the first place that comes to mind. Known for its beautiful mountains, vast prairies, and vibrant agricultural industry it is well regarded as a place of independence and freedom, two aspects that are helping to change healthcare. In April of 2021, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed a bill into law that makes Montana one of the freest healthcare economies in the country. This bill paves the way for health care costs to go down, and for direct primary care physicians to create transparent, direct plans for their customers. Montana is at the forefront of this healthcare revolution, and it is worth taking a deeper look at how this came to be.

Montana’s path to healthcare freedom.

Montana has always been fiercely independent, so it makes perfect sense that this state would join the growing numbers in the nation that are signing bills into law that protect direct patient care practitioners. Governor Gianforte in particular expressed that this bill is a huge step away from inflated prices, government red tape, paperwork, and confusing insurance policies. This bill provides protections so that direct primary care physicians can practice safely and honestly in the state. Montana may be one of the first but many are quickly joining this movement, with bills either signed into law or in progress in 32 states.

Why direct primary care is a better option than traditional healthcare.

Direct primary care, or direct patient care, as it is known in some states, is a revolutionary idea that seeks to make healthcare transparent, low cost, and accessible Many people are unaware of all the fine print that goes into their insurance. Insurance policies are rife with hidden fees, complicated language, and inflated costs that many everyday folks do not know how to challenge. Direct primary care seeks to change these unnecessary complications by providing simple, convenient, and accessible membership plans.

The best part is that direct primary care plans are almost always less costly than a monthly insurance premium.

Direct primary care goes above and beyond to provide a vast list of services that are included in this monthly membership. These services can include anything from preventative healthcare checkups to blood tests and EKG tests and even vitamin pack IV drips, among many more services.

Direct patient care allows you to form a closer, trusting, more personal relationship with your doctor, because you are not stuck fighting with their front desk employees over inflated prices.

Another huge benefit of direct primary care is that it is more convenient and accessible. Many DPC practitioners offer extended hours or even mobile units that come right to your door or place of business.

Potential threats to direct primary care on a national scale.

While direct patient care is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, not everyone is on board. Notably, the very insurance companies and hospitals that have been raising healthcare costs, are not happy with the simple, low cost, and accessible nature of direct primary care. Thankfully, as more bills are signed into law, direct primary care providers are given the protections that they need to keep serving their communities. While a national law may not be coming in the near future, on account of the healthcare and pharmaceutical lobbies, it is important to spread the word about this revolutionary new healthcare system and take back the power from the lobbies that want to keep you paying high-cost healthcare plans that have fewer benefits than direct primary care.

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