At Karis Medical, one of the questions that we get all of the time is, “where did the name Karis come from?” The name of our company actually has several layers of meaning that are really special to us and we are always happy to share the answer.

The Origin of Our Name, Karis Medical

When Jeff and Sarah set out to create a direct primary care company that helped provide convenient, accessible, and all-encompassing healthcare, using a cutting-edge mobile model, they knew they needed a company name that encompassed the message of what they were bringing to the world. The name Karis is actually an amalgamation of a couple of different words that perfectly describe the services that Karis Medical is bringing to our community.

First and foremost, “Karis” is derived from the Greek word “Charis” which has been translated to mean grace, kindness, and life. Charis is also used in the Greek-Hebrew Bible as a word that represents a sort of goodwill, kindness, and extension of God’s grace.

These values of kindness, goodwill, and grace are at the core of everything that Karis Medical does. Our sole goal is to bring healing and health to people, and that cannot be done if it is not coming from a place of grace and kindness.

The other part of our name is the fact that the word “ari” means “lion” in Hebrew. This biblical lion reference is often used when describing Jesus as the Lion of Judah. At Karis Medical, our faith gives us the strength and drive to pursue healing in all of its forms. We found it particularly fitting that ari is the center of the word Karis and Jesus, the lion of Judah, is at the center of our mission.

A name that matches our values.

When creating Karis Medical we had to make sure that our values live up to the name that we are putting to them.

Our mission is to bring accessible care and preventative primary medical services to everyone, including those who have not previously been given the grace and kindness of having access to quality medical care.

At Karis we put our values right in our name so that people can see our commitment to honest, transparent, and straightforward medical services. Too often medical companies do not extend the grace and kindness that we do at Karis.

Now that you know the origin of our name, it’s time we talk!

If you are interested in a healthcare provider that allows you to enjoy quality medical care that is transparent and convenient, consider enrolling with Karis Medical. Karis provides quality primary care services with all the ease and comfort of telemedicine. Our mobile direct primary care units allow you to go to the doctor’s office while barely having to leave your home. Enroll with Karis Medical today for better healthcare at a lower cost.