It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare is rising in the United States. Every year Americans spend trillions of dollars on health services, clocking in at a whopping 3.8 trillion dollars in 2019. While healthcare spending went down during 2020 due to the pandemic shutting down elective surgeries and many in-person doctor visits, healthcare experts project that by 2028 national health costs will total over 6.8 trillion dollars. While healthcare costs are on the rise, there are some amazing innovations being made that will cut costs immensely. Read on for a deep dive into the exciting new healthcare trend that saves you hundreds each month.

Factors that cause your healthcare costs to rise.

Healthcare costs are getting higher and higher, but what is actually causing them to rise? In addition to the natural inflation of the economy, it is often patient factors that are causing you to spend more money on healthcare. Americans are living longer than ever before, causing healthcare costs to rise due to the amount of care we require as we age. In addition to living longer, Americans are often living less healthfully than many other countries. The CDC reported in 2018 that just over 51% of Americans were living with a chronic illness, and roughly 27% were living with more than one. Chronic illnesses, in addition to the long-term health damages done by obesity, smoking, and drinking, are some big factors as to why Americans are paying higher costs for healthcare.

But the blame does not fall solely on the patient, healthcare providers often share it. Insurers pay hospitals for the quantity of the services they provide, meaning that the more services they perform on a patient, the more they will be getting from the insurance companies. This broken model often leads to overtreatment, as well as massive inflation of prices for relatively simple treatments. Doctors also face the fear of being sued for malpractice if they don’t diagnose a problem correctly, or fail to diagnose it at all. This fear leads to an over prescription of tests and examinations that further drive the cost of medical care. Health care is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily so, as a new money-saving trend suggests.


How the healthcare industry is changing to save you money.

Recently, a new healthcare model has been making waves in the medical industry. This money-saving system is called Direct Primary Care and seeks to make healthcare affordable, transparent, and accessible. Direct primary care works as a membership, where you pay a flat fee to your direct primary care provider and receive a package of services. What makes direct primary care such a great, money-saving option is that the membership fee is often less than your monthly insurance premium, and your membership includes a whole plan of medical services that you would otherwise have to pay a copay for. These services include blood tests, regular checkups, immunizations, and more. A direct primary care plan allows you to lower your healthcare costs and form a much better relationship with your healthcare provider that is based on honesty and transparency.

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