We charge honestly.

Karis Medical is committed to keeping costs low. In fact, we are so committed that it was one of the driving factors in creating our mobile direct care units. Instead of having the large rental fees and the relative inconvenience of a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office, we chose to go mobile in order to invest in state-of-the-art equipment that is able to offer you a full and comprehensive healthcare experience.

our belief

Karis Medical believes in the value of honest treatment. So often, doctors and hospitals hide behind the inflated prices that they have to charge the insurance companies in order to receive some semblance of fair payment.

our subscription

At Karis, our subscription-based model has cut out the middleman that drives rates up, and we are able to charge for the actual value of the services you are receiving. Karis puts an end to these false prices.

Karis Price List.

Karis is committed to providing a variety of different plans in order to accommodate everyone from a young single person, to a large family, to even the staff of a small business. By providing simple plans, we are doing our part to ensure that everyone has access to honest, convenient, and accessible direct primary care.

Resgistration Fee

$100One Time

Adult (18 and older) Subscription


Family Plan

  • With the Karis Family Plan, we cover two parents and two children.
  • Additional children can be added for a fee of $75/month.

Each additional family member with the family plan


Single Visit

$250One Time

What you get when you enroll with Karis

What makes Karis so great is that when you subscribe to our monthly plan, you gain access to the many included services and benefits.

With every direct primary care visit with Karis, you may receive pending the advice of the physician:

  • A blood test is completed during your visit if necessary.

  • An EKG test if necessary.
  • A physical examination.

  • Any services you have requested.
  • Any services or tests that your doctor thinks you may require based on the results of your blood test and examination.

Subscribe with Karis


By subscribing with Karis, you also have access to the OHMD chat function that allows you to securely and safely chat with your doctor at any time. This can be used to determine what services to request, or if you have any questions about your health. A full list of services is available on our enrollment page.

Honest Healthcare


Above all, Karis is committed to transparent and honest healthcare, which is why when you sign up for a service, you will see the price right there. No more hidden fees or surprise costs when you enroll with Karis Medical.

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