We created Karis Medical to revolutionize the way we think about going to the doctor and to shake up the status quo to make sure people understand why mobile direct primary care is so much better than going to a traditional doctor’s office.

What is mobile direct primary care?

Direct primary care is a trendy phrase that you may have been hearing a lot in healthcare news, but have been too intimidated to ask what it actually is.

Essentially, direct primary care is a new kind of medical care that cuts out the middleman and allows you to directly subscribe to your doctor’s services, without paying inflated rates through your insurance.

Direct primary care, at least the way Karis Medical does it, allows you to have more immediate access to your doctor, more frequent visits, convenient and accessible treatment, as well as incredibly transparent low costs, compared to a traditional insurance plan and doctor’s office.

How we have perfected mobile direct primary care.

From the conception of Karis Medical, we have loved the idea of direct primary care physicians but didn’t exactly think it was beneficial to restrict them to a traditional brick-and-mortar office.

We have perfected the concept of direct primary care by creating a mobile office that is able to come right to you. These mobile offices have a high speed connection that allows our telehealth physicians to be able to see exactly what is going on, as well as an in-person nurse or paramedic who is on hand to conduct any tests the doctor might want performed, right there in the unit. Best of all, there is no waiting around while they send the blood off to a lab to get standard tests, you get your blood test results right there and are able to talk to your doctor about them during your visit. For specialized blood tests we will send those out to a premiere lab.

With Karis Medical’s mobile direct primary care, you no longer have to choose between seeing the perfect doctor for you via telehealth, and getting the benefits of an in-person appointment. Karis Medical quite literally gives you the best of both worlds, and delivers it right to wherever you may be.

What you can expect from a mobile direct primary care appointment with Karis Medical.

It can be difficult to picture exactly what a primary care appointment that is not in a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office might look like, so we are here to break it down for you-

Get Enrolled

Enrolling in Karis Medical could not be easier or more convenient. We have worked to make mobile direct primary care as affordable and accessible as possible.

Before you enroll be sure to take a look at the plans that we offer on our pricing page in order to determine which plan is right for you. Our pricing page details exactly what you get with each plan, and the benefits of signing up for mobile direct primary care.