Our Founders

Karis seeks to create a new kind of mobile healthcare experience. We bring direct primary care to you, in our state-of-the-art mobile units. They are just like a doctor’s office, except without all the hassle of a brick-and-mortar building. We utilize cutting-edge telemedicine to allow you to meet with your doctor and have an in-person nurse on hand to handle all of the physical aspects of the appointment. Best of all, we offer transparent pricing so you know exactly where your money is going.
Karis Medical is just beginning its journey, but we hope to bring our vision of safe, Mobile Healthcare and accessible healthcare nationwide soon.
Jeff Chandler, PA
Jeff Chandler, PA
Jeff Chandler began his career working as a chemical engineer for almost half a decade. After leaving that field, he began his Physician Assistant studies at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL.
Sarah Pratt
Sarah Pratt
Sarah was born into a medical family and raised around the Puget Sound in the beautiful maritime town of Gig Harbor, Washington. She spent her high school days volunteering and fueling her desire to learn.

Jeff Chandler, PA

He has been a Physician Assistant since 2005 after obtaining his Master’s in Health Science and becoming Board Certified through the NCCPA.  He began his practice with a year of Orthopedic Surgery at the Hughston Clinic in Columbus, GA.  Subsequently, he spent nearly a year in Neurosurgery in Pensacola, FL.  He then worked in Pain Management for 2 years in Pensacola before finding his niche in Emergency Medicine. He has practiced Emergency Medicine since 2009 in various facilities in Pensacola, FL as well as working Locums Tenens, traveling to work in Critical Access areas in both Montana and Georgia.  As of late September of 2021, he is the new owner of Riverwood Health Montana in Helena, MT which is an Urgent Care that operates as both a Primary Care Clinic and Occupation Health Clinic.

Jeff is happily married to the love of his life, Cathryn Chandler, and has 5 children.  They recently moved from Florida to Montana after traveling back and forth for the last 4 years and have fallen in love with the lifestyle.  While his eldest two children are in college back East, his three young sons are enjoying their recent transition to Montana and are involved in every sport the area has to offer.

Sarah Pratt

After graduation, her next adventure was moving to the great state of Montana. She attended Montana State University to study Business Management and Entrepreneurship. While in school, Sarah actively participated in many leadership roles with the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. After graduation, she moved around the state with her husband, Danny, and two kids. She started her own online business that helped to aid and grow visionary entrepreneurs. After moving to a small town on the Yellowstone River, Sarah was ready to start a new business adventure. Sarah and Jeff met and started brainstorming ways to bring accessible, quality medical care to society while thinking outside of the box. As business partners, Sarah and Jeff are the perfect balance of creative vision, and well-researched action.

For Sarah, a passion and desire to make a positive impact on the medical community has become personal. The delivery of her first child was impacted by many complications, and the delivery of her second child faced even higher chances of being life-threatening. Sarah felt frustrated that the doctors were trying to treat her situation as normal when she was clearly at a very high risk. She feels thankful to this day that God guided her to doctors that thought outside the box and treated her as an individual outside of the status quo. These doctors were able to save her life and help her to have an even better quality of life. She feels forever grateful for these doctors and is working to help make sure that every medical professional treats patients as individuals and addresses their unique needs outside of what might be considered standard.

About Karis – Starting of Karis Medical

Karis Medical is a company that was founded during the pandemic, with the goal to revolutionize healthcare in a more honest, convenient, and accessible manner.

Our Co-Founders, Jeff Chandler and Sarah Pratt connected over the fact that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine simply was not cutting it.

As a Physician’s Assistant, Jeff loved being able to work from home via telemedicine but was frustrated that there was no one on hand to be able to physically examine the patient.

On The Way

Similarly, Sarah also found telemedicine and limited in-person doctors’ visits during the pandemic to be challenging. For the first time, she was only able to bring in one of her children at a time to be seen by the doctor.

Only one visit at a time meant that she had to find childcare for her other child, increasing the total costs of her visit. This shortcoming of the system highlighted for Sarah how difficult it must be for single parents, parents who both have to work, and parents who are not able to afford childcare to properly attend their doctor’s appointments.

Instead of simply accepting these frustrations, Jeff and Sarah decided to do their part to change the face of healthcare.

Availability & Convenience

Karis Medical was founded to make mobile healthcare more available and convenient, as well as to embrace the wonderful parts of telemedicine while fixing the aspects of it that don’t work.

General Health

Visits for illness and urgent care needs, prescription management,
chronic disease management, and more

Prevention Wellness

Physical exams, well men’s exams, well women’s exams, well
child checks ups and sports physicals.


Suturing, immunizations, and more.

Vitamin IV Packs

Immune, vitamins, weight loss, hydration, and more.

Get Enrolled

Enrolling in Karis Medical could not be easier or more convenient for mobile healthcare. We have worked to make mobile direct primary care as affordable and accessible as possible.

Before you enroll, be sure to take a look at the plans that we offer on our pricing page to determine which plan is right for you. Our pricing page details exactly what you get with each plan, and the benefits of signing up for mobile direct primary care.