Welcome to Karis Medical

Karis Medical is direct primary care that actually works for you. As an exciting new venture, we are breaking down barriers in the healthcare industry, in order to create a service that is accessible, convenient, and above all, 100% transparent.

Coming to a Decision

Like many people, we were sick of overpaying for healthcare, fighting insurance bills, and having to bend over backwards to schedule an appointment. So we decided to do something about it.

Cuts Out The Middleman

Karis Medical cuts out the middleman of insurance and provides state-of-the-art healthcare in the most convenient and accessible form. Getting back to when your doctor was more accessible and didn’t need to wait on what insurance will have to say on your health needs.

We Come Directly to You

Medical care without the hassle

State of The Art Facilities

In envisioning what a brand new primary care experience would look like, Karis Medical created our mobile direct primary care units to be cutting edge. Not only do our mobile offices have everything that a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office has, they actually have more.

At Karis, we are committed to incorporating the latest technology to provide lab tests, blood work, X-Rays, and so many more incredible services. Take a look at our enrollment page for a full list of the services we provide in our mobile direct primary care unit.

A subscription that actually saves you money.

We were told that subscription services were supposed to save us money, but, often subscriptions tend to add up and become the same price, or even more, as the service they were trying to replace.

Well, unlike other subscription services, Karis Medical actually saves you money. Our subscription model cuts out the middleman of hospitals and insurance and transparently charges you for the actual value of things, not the inflated costs that you see at most doctor’s offices. Dive deep into exactly how much money Karis will save you by taking a look at our pricing page.

Making telehealth actually work.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and all doctor’s appointments moved to telehealth, our cofounder Jeff Chandler quickly realized, while working as a PA, that telehealth has one huge flaw: the doctor can’t actually examine the patient as they would in an office setting.
Karis Medical solves that problem by providing a nurse or paramedic on hand to act as the hands of the doctor and examine the patient. This combination of telehealth and in-person care creates the most comprehensive medical experience possible while providing all the convenience and accessibility of mobile direct primary care.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

When people think of areas of the country that are known for cutting edge innovations, breaking up a system that doesn’t work, and revolutionizing healthcare, Montana might not be the first place that comes to mind.

Name Origin

At Karis Medical, one of the questions that we get all of the time is, “where did the name Karis come from?” The name of our company actually has several layers of meaning that are really special to us and we are always happy to share the answer.

Healthcare Trend

Every year Americans spend trillions of dollars on health services, clocking in at a whopping 3.8 trillion dollars in 2019. Healthcare experts project that by 2028 national health costs will total over 6.8 trillion dollars.

Get Enrolled

Enrolling in Karis Medical could not be easier or more convenient. We have worked to make mobile direct primary care as affordable and accessible as possible.

Before you enroll be sure to take a look at the plans that we offer on our pricing page in order to determine which plan is right for you. Our pricing page details exactly what you get with each plan, and the benefits of signing up for mobile direct primary care.